The past few months have been quite the roller-coaster ride. I’m in Abu Dhabi for grad school, which is awesome in some aspects and terrifying in others. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time, because worrying doesn’t help things at all. Perhaps it’s about time I finally listen to my sister and […]

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Sugar Skull + Life Update

My mother is in charge of setting up an IB school in India, and she roped me in to spend a few weeks training her teachers. I’m not exactly experienced in the IB curriculum, and my degree has nothing to do with the education sector, but I managed to figure out the nuances of lesson […]

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I recently noticed that I had a number of short videos just lounging in my computer. Some were moments that I’d captured for my Instagram account, while others were videos of things that I’ve made. They were mostly too short or irrelevant to post alone, so I decided to combine them and come up with something trippy.

In case you’re curious, the videos feature a little birthday in a box, candles and incense, my first zine, my collection of beading materials, and my creepy fingers (which I swear are usually much more photogenic).

I’m actually really proud of this, even though my editing software did most of the work. It just makes me so excited to know that kaleidoscopic effects are a thing, you guys.

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